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Lenora Fedora is a 3D 3rd-Person stealth survival game taking place in a hat store after hours. The player takes control of Lenora, a hat person who has ventured into the store of a Tall One, a dangerous humanoid who has kidnapped several hat people and trapped them in cages around the store. Using your hat-based mechanics free your fellow hat people from the Tall One! 

Allbrim Studios the team behind Lenora Fedora with a combined hour total of 605 hours:

Donovan Garcia-Buckler- Producer

Evan Barker- Lead Designer, Product Owner

Brandon Boras- Programmer, Sound Designer 

Nicholas Perell- Programmer

Allyson Lee- Artist/Animator

Crystal Wong- Artist

Elijah Valick- Artist

Lillian Clark- Artist/ Animator


LenoraFedora-v01.zip 175 MB

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