Rhythm Anxiety is an educational tool that educators and parents can use to teach children about panic anxiety disorder. The player will be tasked with keeping themselves calm as they match notes to the beat. As the day progresses the notes will become more erratic, but if the player misses the notes the notes will become even more erratic simulating the overwhelming nature of anxiety. As players match notes they are able to help calm down and the notes become slightly less erratic. If players are able to complete the song without having a panic attack which is induced from missing so many beats they win. The tool is to be used in conjunction with a lesson plan to teach children about Anxiety, and to help them to empathize those affected.

Here is an example of the Lesson Plan that we would provide educators.

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AuthorsDonovan Garcia-Buckler, Sinerax, nebulis, Charlie Sanford, Olli Machina
GenreRhythm, Educational
Made withUnity
Tags2D, anxiety, Fast-Paced, Unity

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