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What is Spiritsong? Spritsong is a 3D musical adventure where spirits that reside in instruments are scattered across the land and you, a conductor spirit, must use a revitalized mobile pavilion to solve a selection of varied puzzles and assemble your orchestral family.

WASD to move

Mouse to move the camera

H to enter/exit the pavilion 

Mouse to move around Spacebar to Jump(When Unlocked)

Shift to Dash(When Unlocked)

Created by Pink Soul Crab Studios

Donovan Garcia-Buckler- Associate Producer

Achilles Jiang- Sound Designer/ Composer

Aiden Wright- Game Designer/ Systems Programmer

Amy Yang- Associate Producer/ Narrative Designer/ 2D Character Artist 

Cade Boden- Level Designer

Gabe Pofcher- 3D Modeler + Trailer Editor

Grady Mayo- Gameplay Programmer/ UI Programmer/ Sound Programmer/Systems Programmer

Jen Loefstedt- 3D Artist/ 2D Artist/ VFX Artist

Seamus Ly- UI/UX Designer/ 2D Character Artist/ Narrative Designer  


Download 69 MB

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